Kuala Lumpur Trade and Copyright Centre (KLTCC) 2019



A meeting place for publishers, content creators, solution providers and media players, making it as the platform for publishing, digital convergence and gaming.

Since 2008, KLTCC started as an incubator which later expanded and succeeded in gaining participation from partners all over South East Asia and the international players, where both buyers and sellers obtained great success in the copyright trade.

In line with Kota Buku’s goals, KLTCC is an excellent platform which helps the digital and ‘future book’ trade to thrive. Kota Buku is uniquely positioned to serve as a platform that promotes the copyright trade on such a scale in comparison to international book fairs in the world over. Malaysia’s strategic location between the Eastern and Western trade routes and the multi-ethnicity of its social fabric, acts as a leverage that encourages diversity in the consumption and demand of contents. This opens a huge market potential for book industry players to meet, gather and trade.

KLTCC attracts not only participation from publishers, but also expands the pool across to content creators, game developer, illustrators, higher education institutes, the media and animators where they can engage with experts in the trade of conventional and digital copyrights, licenses and contents on a global scale, thus acting as a gateway for international players into Asia Pacific.

Our Main Focuses


A terminology that describes Malaysian content related of history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage.  Kota Buku acts as a one-stop centre to facilitate these various forms of Malaysian contents (conventional and digital) to be further marketed not only locally but also internationally. KLTCC welcomes writers, illustrators and creators of content to gather, network, consult and trade with industry players from all over the world.

Literary Agents

Literary agents exist largely to provide services to authors by connecting the author’s work with appropriate publishers, contract negotiation, and ensuring payment of royalties. KLTCC provides a platform in the form of a “business club”, where registered agents from around the world can gather and network with creators and content providers.


 Translations are an essential part of the international trade in content rights. Without translators, there would be no world literature nor, in fact, would there be any international book fairs. KLTCC offers the right platform for networking all year round.

Licensing & Merchandising

The trade in rights, the procurement of titles for translations, the licensing of works for book adaptations, digital or conventional, traditional or futuristic and suchlike – these activities make up the core business of the copyright trade. KLTCC aims to assist these business by meeting and matching them to the right people.


Content production companies of all genres including video, animation, game, music, book/magazine, web and mobile content/apps will get the chance to exhibit at KLTCC to gain new business opportunities, transcending the existing business framework.

Content Solution

As digital content business expands, technologies and services supporting content creation, editing, management and distribution is becoming an important factor for the industry to survive. KLTCC provides the opportunity for these providers to gain recognition and expand their business on an international level.



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