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Malaysia’s Kota Buku or Book City is established in 2011 as part of Malaysia’s Book Policy, with a mandate to promote book development in the country and is incorporated as a government linked company.

Within its mandate, Kota Buku has established its vision, “to be recognised as a first class professional body offering a hub for publishers, authors, illustrators and readers within Malaysia with established links to similar bodies internationally.”

By positioning itself as facilitator and enabler, bridging between industry players, writers and readers, Kota Buku offers services ‘under one roof’ in order to meet its vision, which includes training and development of writers and illustrators, marketing, promotions and publishing services including buying and selling rights as well as digital publishing and publication initiatives.

In the long run, Kota Buku hopes to elevate the local book industry where books are to be seen and treated as articles of value that require economic consideration, while serving as gateway for exporting Malaysian content and bringing in relevant content from abroad. At Kota Buku, we see our potential as the springboard for value creation for content from the Asia Pacific region. To achieve this, Kota Buku is participating in the Frankfurt Book Fair and other international book fairs as a content trader, acting as a gateway for the import and export of conventional and digital contents.

Kota Buku is working closely alongside Multimedia Development Corporation (MDec) of Malaysia to publish e-books, where 250 titles are drawn from local publishers of scholarly works and children books. To develop its local contents, a range of training courses for prospective authors and illustrators, are held on a regular basis. The workshop trainers will be drawn from recognised professionals in their respective fields. The scholarly services workshops are open to international as well as local participants.

Locally, Kota Buku has interest in working with other agencies to build capacity among publishers and enhance readership among Malaysians, with an intent to be visible and create a fresh spark in the book industry. Internationally, it targets to build a strong network of publishers in Malaysia and all over the world, and has already started on the processes of enhancing cooperation and communication, exchanging information, promoting a better understanding of the international industry and offering joint services.

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