Business Matching


The business-matching system provides each of its members the opportunity to select relevant parties to conduct business meetings even before registered attendees arrive at the meeting place!  The main goal of the business-matching is to ease its members arranging appointments on-site, so that more times could be spared at the main event place.

By joining business matching, members are able to schedule their meetings in a conducive, elegance and quiet designated discussion area with potential parties attending KLTCC 2018 more efficiently. With only 3 days of exhibition, every minute at KLTCC 2018 counts! So, why not manage your meetings ahead of time to maximise your visit and increase the number of connections you have with relevant potential business partners by utilizing the meeting platform provided by this business-matching program.

Mostly will be attended by Malaysian publishers, animators, book traders, distributors and digital content industry players, this networking fete also includes sessions with Malaysian comics enthusiasts. 

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